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Ofelia's Life Dream, 2020 Live version - Live-streamed on Oct 30th, 2020 Video version - 15min45sec, 2020, Digital, Color Ofelia finds herself at the crossroads of a difficult decision. She hallucinates fantastic dream worlds transforming into mysterious bioluminescent fungi, moths that drink tears of sleeping birds, and giant self-destructing palm trees. Ofelia’s Life Dream is an experimental film written and with music by Caroline Louise Miller, directed and adapted by Laine Rettmer, visual effects by Nuozhou Wang, starring Aliana de la Guardia, and in partnership with HC Media. PRESS Cordery, Gareth. DreamStreaming From Guerrilla. The Boston Intelligencer. 16 Nov 2020. DIRECTED AND ADAPTED BY Laine Rettmer WRITTEN AND COMPOSED BY Caroline Louise Miller PRODUCED BY Guerilla Opera & HC Media EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Aliana de la Guardia & Julia Noulin-Mérat ASSOCIATE DIRECTED & ANIMATED BY Nuozhou Wang EDITED BY Andrea Merkx with Laine Rettmer CAST Ofelia // Aliana de la Guardia Exploding Palm Tree // Brian Church PRODUCTION COORDINATOR Keithlyn Parkman VISUAL EFFECTS SUPERVISOR Andrea Merkx LIGHTING DESIGN Keithlyn Parkman & Maxx Finn COVID-19 PREVENTION AND SAFETY COORDINATOR Julia Noulin-Mérat