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Vanitas, 2017
Three-channel video, with sound
(recording of Vanitas Vanitatum by Giacomo Carissimi)

Vanitas is a meditation on dying, beauty, time while also reflexively examines the fleeting and cyclical nature of the video itself. The figure begins by gazing on flowers that artificially retreat into bloom which due to the nature of the video loop, will return to death again. While this takes place, another figure slowly removes vases on the right side of the frame which both disappears and reappear, once again returning the viewer to the power of video to control time. The figure breaks from their pose and begins to cry becoming an actor emoting in the scene. As Giacomo Carissimi’s oratorio Vanitas Vanitatum begins to be heard, the figure’s emotion transfers to the viewer, breaking the fourth wall.

Work exhibited at:
My Myself and I, Clay Arts Center, Port Chester, NY
ART-Cetera, AIDS research benefit auction, Boston, MA
Collage, AREA Gallery, Boston, MA